Kid's Craft: How to Make a Menorah

There is almost no symbol more closely associated with Hanukkah than the Menorah, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the Festival of Light. There is important significance to the Menorah and the traditional way it’s lit, so helping your child create their own Menorah is a great way to introduce them to this aspect of the Jewish holiday and its traditions.



  • A large piece of Styrofoam or floral foam
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Sheets of beeswax
  • Wicks

Determine how long you want your candles, making sure that the middle one is longer than the rest. Cut the sheets of beeswax to the appropriate length. Cut the wick to about an inch longer than the desired length of the candle and place it on one end of the beeswax sheet. Tightly and carefully roll the beeswax around the wick. This creates a beautiful candle and making it couldn’t be easier or safer for little ones.

Cut the foam to the desired size, make sure it’s long enough to hold nine candles. Poke the candles into the foam to create their individual holes. If the foam is a little stubborn and the candles a little weak (the tighter you roll them the stronger they’ll be) then you may need a knife to assist in making the holes.

Remove the candles and then paint the Styrofoam block. Because its foam it may require more than one coat of paint to make it look uniform. Once that paint has dried you can decorate the Menorah any way you want with more paint. 

Finally, insert your beeswax candles and you’ve got a lovely homemade Menorah craft for kids. Just remember to keep an eye on the candles if you light them, beeswax candles burn quickly and you don’t want the foam to catch on fire

About the Author
Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.